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Summer 2019

Another Sparkling Governors’ Ball at the Racquet Club!

Between April 15th and 26th, the club ballroom of the Racquet Club on Park Hill was a hive ofactivity every night for the decorating of the ballroom for the Governors’ Ball, to be held on the celestial theme of “Starry Nights.” Then on Saturday evening, April 27th, came the pay-off as over 80 revelers, members of the club and their guests, were enchanted by the vision, as they crowded into the gorgeous great hall. Attendees said they had never seen it look more beautiful, as myriad lights, wall mirrors, tapestries, beads, plants and other decorations combined to envelope the partiers in a magical aura, as envisioned by the lead decorators: Kathryn Buckley, Claire Miko and Patty Gamba.

The partiers dined on delicious food catered by Zuppa and danced the night away, to the great music played by Marvin Loria, in his third year as DJ for our Governors’ Ball. Long-time members honored for their distinguished service to the club over the decades included Adrienne and Vinnie D’Alessio and Nickand Bette D’Angelo.

Volunteers who worked for those two weeks decorating with Kathryn, Claire and Patty to prepare the ballroom for the dinner-dance included: Claire’s sister, Mary and Mary’s son, Nick Tantillo ; Cheryl Silvera; Lyrica Leon; Owen and Matilde Steck; Tom Westmoreland; Justine Henry; Vic Mason; AnthonyD’Alessio; Ingrid Krawiec; Karin White; Matt Krawiec; Todd Geremia and Tami Vu; Ella O’Hanlon; and Kevin Klein.

Patty Schumann oversaw the bar and provided the excellent cocktails, while managing the back of the house. At the gala, Owen, Matilde, Ella, Ingrid, Anthony and Kevin did a fine job of putting out the food, keeping tables tidy, removing plates when diners finished, and later washing the dishes.

Special thanks, as ever, go to Patty Gamba for organizing the Ball project from start to finish and for doing so many of the things, large and small, that made everything run smoothly. Thanks also to the

members who showed up the day after the gala to help take down the decorations: Patty Gamba,Adrienne D’Alessio, Ingrid Krawiec, Kathryn Buckley, Claire Miko, Jennifer Ringstad, Katherine Haas, Michael Noble, and Martin the Sunday bartender.


The Exciting Finale to the Winter Bowling League

On Tuesday night, May 7th, Jose Alvarado’s Los Locos team was finally able to claim the championship of the 2018-19 Winter Bowling League, barely hanging on to win over Jon Wallen’s late-charging Brownies, who nearly won at the exciting conclusion. But Bill Dennison’s Commodores were the spoilers, handingLos Locos the victory in the final game. It was the closest league race in some time, with the following final standings: Los Locos, 77 points; Browns, 75.5; Indians, 71; PBJs, 65; and Commodores, 61.5.

The Commodores distinguished themselves recently by having the single highest team scratch game of the season at 773 points (791 points with handicap). The PBJs had the highest one-night series of the season when they scored 1996 points, scratch, and 2053 with handicap.

High individual averages among league regulars were achieved by the five team captains. The PBJs’captain, Paul Meissner, won with 162.88 over 51 games of the 60-game schedule, followed by Jon Wallen at 162.40 (in 54 games), Robert Klein at 161.61 (in 60 games), Bill Dennison at 159.15 (in 57 games), and Jose Alvarado at 153.50 (in 45 games).

The individual high games this season were bowled by: Jon Wallen, 228; Paul Meissner, 223; Robert Klein, 221; Karen Lorence, 215; super-sub Frank Petrilli, 212; Steve Savard and Susie Moscou, 211; John Maggiotto, 205; Jose Alvarado, 204; subs Paul Cassidy and Kevin Klein, 202; Jennifer Ringstad and Deane Prouty, 199; Patty Gamba, 197; Pat O’Hanlon, 196; Bill Dennison, 194; Ed Schmid, 192; and AnnmarieEnnis, 190.

Individual high scratch series were achieved by Robert Klein, 593; Paul Meissner, 588; Jon Wallen, 567; Frank Petrilli, 553; Jose Alvarado, 535; Vic Mason, 531; Ed Schmid, 529; Steve Savard, 519; Jennifer Ringstad, 516; Patty Gamba, 515; Bill Dennison and Pat O’Hanlon, 514; Deane Prouty, 513; KarenLorence, 502; John Twomey, 498; and Bill Coffey, 492.

Special thanks, as usual, go to Jon for his non-stop attention to the care of the club’s elderly bowlingmachines, his regular liaison with the mechanic who maintains the machines, his weekly oiling of the lanes, and his oversight and stewardship of the six-month league from start to finish. Special thanks again also go to Steve Savard for his diligent weekly updating of the league statistics. And thanks also go to Robert Klein for repainting and repairing areas of the alleys that need attention.

Upcoming Open House Events.

Open House events for visitors interested in learning about the club and taking tours are scheduled for Saturday, May 11th; Sunday, May 19th; and Saturday, May 25th. All will be held between noon and 4 pm.

Bowling Awards Party. On Friday, May 17th, the league will hold its end-of-season Bowling Awards party, which is free for all league members. All others can attend for $15 per person by RSVPing Jon

Wallen at As ever, the prizes will recognize the winning team, the top individual bowlers for games and series, and categories like most improved bowlers.

At the end of the Bowling Awards party, the club will honor the long-time membership of Anne-MarieO’Keeffe, who leaves soon for a new job in Dallas, Texas. Husband Mike Smith will remain here for a few more weeks, participating in club activities like the Westchester County Tennis League (WCTL), before he departs next month to join Anne-Marie. We sincerely wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Italian Night on Friday, May 24th. The club will hold its annual “Italian Night” to kick off the Memorial Day week end festivities.

Meet and Greet with Ola on Saturday, May 25th. Members can reconnect (or meet for the first time) with our club pro, Ola, at 1 pm.

Fun Tennis Tournament on Sunday, May 26th. The club’s first big tennis tournament of the year willprecede the barbecue.

Memorial Day Barbecue on Sunday May 26th. Board member Todd Geremia and Tami Vu have volunteered to host the first barbecue of the season on Memorial Day week end, Sunday, May 26th. Thanks to Todd and Tami.

Another Busy Spring at the Club

Since our last newsletter in mid-March, the club has buzzed with many social activities besides theGovernors’ Ball. Weekly yoga sessions were held through most of the winter and spring and are continuing this month. Anyone wishing to participate can contact Justine Henry, head of the club’sWellness Committee at

The Winter Fun Bowling League, held on Thursday nights, ran for six weeks in March and April. Thanks again go to Paul Cassidy for organizing the league. Pickleball, led by Jim Beirne and Lyrica Leon, ran from fall 2018, through winter, and into this spring, and was played mostly on week ends until mid-April.

The first Open House of the spring was held on Friday, March 22nd. On Friday, April 12th, the club held its second Open House event. On Saturday, March 30th, the Racquet Club took over all six courts at the Yonkers Tennis Center for its annual end-of-winter tennis party.

On Saturday, April 13th, Renee O’Hanlon organized a very enjoyable “disco bowling” night, with deliciouspizzas and good disco music, an event that was very well-attended. It was so much fun that the club is planning to hold another disco bowling night on Saturday, June 1st.

On Sunday, April 14th, Justine Henry organized the Annual Kids Easter Egg Hunt, Egg Dyeing and Brunch party.

On Sunday, May 5th, Steve Savard again hosted the popular annual Jazz Pancake Brunch for a large hungry crowd in the great hall. Attendees, as usual, included many members of the Park Hill Residents’Association. And Kathryn Buckley conducted her annual plant sale there.

Opening of the Tennis Season

The tennis season has started again at Park Hill. The PHRC women and men have already begun play in their respective MITL and WCTL week-end inter-club matches. And the four beautiful PHRC red-clay courts are ready for play on Saturday, May 9th, around 3 pm, weather permitting, following the play of the club’s WCTL team against the men from neighboring Amackassin Club. Come watch the competition and cheer for your club members!

Lessons and clinics with Ola and Marcel begin on Monday, May 13th. Ola can be reached by text at (917) 637-9476 or by email at

Patty Gamba, chair of the Tennis Committee, has just sent out the 2019 tennis event schedule to all members. If any members did not receive that schedule, they should get in touch with Patty and ask her to send it to them.

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