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1)     Please see the bartender to get the bowling alley key, and sign in to use the lanes. Sign in sheets will be posted on the bowling alley door.  If no sign in sheet is available, let the bartender know. Bowlers must sign in so that they can be properly billed. 


2)    Pricing is $5 per session for adults and $3 per session for children 12 and under (the charge is per session, not per hour or per game.)  League bowlers bowl for free on Sundays when the leagues are in session.


3)   All children 18 years old and under must be supervised at all times and are not permitted in the bowling alley at any time without an adult. For their own safety, children under 18 are NEVER allowed in the "Rock Room" storage area, behind the lanes near the machinery, or in the utility closet.  These are extremely dangerous areas and are not intended for games of “hide and seek”.


4)    Proper footwear is required. No wet shoes, dark soled shoes, running shoes or sandals, please. Bowling barefoot or in stocking feet is dangerous and NOT permitted.


5)    Only turn on as many lanes as you will be using.

5)    As a courtesy to fellow members, when you are finished bowling, please return all club balls to the racks alongside the lanes.  Do not leave them in the ball returns for the next member to put away. 

6)    Please clean up after yourself or your party. Do not assume the houseman will pick up after you.

7)    Turn off machines and lights and lock up if you are the last bowlers.

8)    If a lane jams, stop bowling and turn it off.  To prevent possible injury or damage to the machinery, DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself!  Please notify Jon Wallen ASAP so that it can be repaired, since the league bowlers need four functioning lanes every Tuesday night. Call (914) 476-8674 or email Jon at

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping to keep our vintage lanes in great working order!

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