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Why is the houseman performing the non-daily court maintenance when I’m trying to play or take a lesson?

While the houseman performs daily maintenance early in the morning prior to courts opening, there is larger court maintenance that must be done usually once every other week that requires no play for many hours after maintenance is completed. It is more frequent in the late spring and early summer and imperative it be done to keep our courts in great condition. The committee will try to schedule these larger maintenances towards the end of the day at times that seem less popular. Current thought is to try for late Sat. afternoons but we will try moving that time slot around if another time is deemed less popular.


Why do I have to stop playing on the courts when it’s raining when I don’t mind getting wet?

While we love the enthusiasm, we don’t want anyone to slip on the wet tapes and also important is that we don’t damage the courts with large indentations or ruts from sinking footsteps! Not damaging the courts with large shoe imprints when they are wet, helps cuts down on extra court maintenance that keeps the courts closed longer.


If I invite a friend to play tennis with me, I would like to know that we can definitely get a court. Is there any way to reserve a court?

Since we are a volunteer run club, we don’t have an officer manager or someone to answer phone calls or email requests for available court time and to maintain a court scheduling log for reservations. So currently our format is “first come, first served” where players write in their names and start time on our sign in board on the porch and other waiting players “bump” a court when their time is up. The committee may try an online scheduling app on a limited basis to see if we might be able to accommodate court reservations.


I understand that we are a small club and that we implement the honor system for many of our court “rules” such as signing in the correct time when we take a court, signing in our tennis guests in the guest book and limiting the number of times that we can guest a non-member in a month and season. But I feel there are some who may be unaware of the rules! What can I do about that?

The first step is to politely ask or remind someone of a rule you think they might not be following. There are many members who might say “Wow ... I’m sorry! I didn’t know what the rule was!” If you nicely remind another member of a rule and they either ignore you or respond in a nasty manner, you can contact Tom “Westy” Westmoreland on the tennis committee. Tom has graciously volunteered to use his great interpersonal skills to discuss a tennis issue with a member!

I really enjoy participating in the Sunday Round Robins! Could they start earlier in the season and go later than last year?

We are so happy so many members like the Round Robins, so will be starting the RR as soon as possible after the courts open and will try to keep them going into the fall season. In addition, we will be holding regular “rookie” Round Robins this season.

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