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Winter 2019

A Beautiful Holiday Season at the Club

Holiday Festivities

Yonkers’ Racquet Club on Park Hill celebrated the recent holidays with its usual flair and energy in its tastefully decorated club house. Everyone agreed that the club truly sparkled, from the entrance to the lounge to the ballroom, and put members and their guests in a highly festive mood from the moment they entered. Long-time members said the clubhouse never looked more resplendent.

Once again, Ed Schmid and Steve Savard got the Christmas tree and, as usual, many members pitched in last month to help the Decorating Committee with trimming the tree and beautifying the entire club – a very labor-intensive job. Special kudos for their decorating efforts go to Claire Miko, Kathryn Buckley, Karin White, Patty Gamba, Patty Cecere, Amy and George Tucker and children, Taylor Pierce and children Olena and Constantine, Adrienne D’Alessio, Joe Harbeson, Rosemarie Beirne, Justine Henry and Greg Nolen.


The gorgeous ballroom was, as ever, the setting for the club’s annual Holiday Cocktail Party, held this year on Saturday, December 15th. Steve Savard again organized the party, and his helpers were Kate Savard, Vinny Liberatore and the bar staff of Derrick Dalhoff and Kevin Klein. With pleasant music in the background, guests enjoyed an assortment of delicious foods, main dishes and desserts, prepared or brought by members.

Breakfast with Santa

The club’s annual Breakfast with Santa brunch was held on Sunday morning, December 16th, for the club’s younger set. Santa arrived just in time, down the club chimney, as he put each of the little ones on his lap and handed out their gifts. Once again, Jim Beirne’s wonderful costume and ebullient entrance turned him into such an outstanding Saint Nick that he has been proposed for enshrinement in the Santa Claus Hall of Fame. Thanks go to Justine Henry and Diana Cassidy for organizing the Breakfast with Santa brunch. Justine and Diana also collected toys for donation to needy children in the community. Participants brought a dish for all to share.

The Un-decorating Party

Those helping later to take down the decorations at “the undecorating party” on January 6th were Claire Miko, Kathryn Buckley, Karin White, Patty Gamba, Patty Cecere, Cheryl Silvera, Tom Westmoreland, Rosemary and Jim Beirne, Chris Gamba, Vinny D’Alessio and Pat O’Hanlon. Many thanks to all those who volunteered in the labor of love of decorating the club and then taking down the decorations.

New Year’s Day Pot-Luck Brunch

The annual New Year’s Day pot-luck brunch was held on Tuesday, January 1st. The club thanks Justine Henry and Kirsten Barbera for organizing and co-hosting the event. As ever, a good time was had by all, as the membership welcomed in the year 2019.

Upcoming Annual General Meeting

The club’s annual general meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th, at 7:30 pm, in the ballroom. The Board of Governors hopes that as many members as possible can attend, to thank outgoing governors for their service, to meet new governors, to discuss the past year’s business activities, and to consider plans, including the budget, for the coming year. The meeting agenda and any additional information will be sent out to the membership by the end of January.

Bowling League Update

At the start of the new year, “Los Locos” under captain Jose Alvarado have opened up a big lead in the five-team PHRC Winter Bowling League with 33.5 points. The “Brownies” hold second place with 22 points, followed by the Indians with 21 points, the “Commodores” with 20 points, and the PBJs at 15.5 points.

The five top averages among regulars in the league are held by the five team captains: league president Jon Wallen, at 166; Robert Klein, at 164; Bill Dennison, at 157; Paul Meissner, at 156; and Jose Alvarado, at 153. Outdoing everyone in average, however, is super-sub Frank Petrillo at 170.

The top ten personal-individual high games are as follow: Frank Petrillo, at 212; Jon Wallen, at 208; Jose Alvarado, at 204; Paul Cassidy, at 202; Jennifer Ringstad, at 199; Paul Meissner, at 192; Bill Dennison, at 190; Steve Savard and Pat O’Hanlon, tied at 189; and Josh Goodman, at 187. The top ten personal-high scratch series so far belong to: Frank Petrillo, at 553; Ed Schmid, at 529; Paul Meisnner, at 527; Jon Wallen, at 521; Steve Savard, at 519; Robert Klein, at 509; Bill Dennison, at 508; Paul Cassidy, at 506; Jose Alvarado, at 503; and Bill Coffey, at 491.

Thanks, as always, go (1) to Jon Wallen for the regular care and oiling of the alley surfaces; and (2) to Steve Savard for gathering and updating the league’s statistics each week. Special thanks go this new year to Robert Klein for kindly taking the time and trouble to help rejuvenate the appearance of the club’s bowling alleys by repainting many of their fading surfaces over the holidays.

Continuation of Yoga Classes

The club’s Wellness Committee under Justine Henry is pleased to announce that Berto is back this month to continue his popular level 1 Hatha yoga classes in the ballroom. Classes are being held on Wednesday evenings in January between 7:30 and 8:45 pm for a flat rate of $60 for four sessions. Drop- in participants will pay $20 a session. Those interested in participating can email Justine

Open Winter Days at the Club: Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

The Bar Committee under Patty Gamba encourages members to stop by the club during the winter. Besides during yoga classes on Wednesday nights, visitors will find it open on Tuesday evenings, when the Winter Bowling League is going full blast; on Friday evenings; and all day Sundays. Bartender John Howard will be there serving your favorite drinks on Tuesday and Friday nights. Bartender Martin Ridge will be there to serve you on Sundays.

Stop by on the boisterous Tuesday nights to watch the bowlers go through their paces (as they cheer strikes and agonize over missed spares!), and consider taking part as a substitute or even joining the bowling league in the future. Come on Friday nights to meet friends or to bring guests to show around the club, in case a visit sparks their interest in asking about club membership. John opens up at 7 pm on Tuesday and Friday nights.

The Plans for the Next Production of The Park Hill Players

Following the triumphant success of “Play On!” in five November performances, The Park Hill Players are already laying plans for their next production this year. The Players’ talented casts have gone from success to success, putting on such popular Broadway comedies as “Lend Me a Tenor” in 2017 and “Four Weddings and an Elvis” in 2018, under the enthusiastic leadership of former club president Jim Beirne. Jim has been instrumental in bringing back theater to the Park Hill community at the Racquet Club after a 30-year absence. Jim says The Players have scheduled a 7:30 pm meeting for Monday, January 14th, at the club. Attendees are urged to propose ideas and make suggestions about their next offering. All club members are welcome to attend, and all are encouraged to try out for roles in the next production. Anyone with questions about the plans can phone Jim at (914) 329-2458.

Resumption of Winter Pickleball at the Club

Jim Beirne and Lyrica Leon have been encouraging club members to come week ends to play the wonderful new sport of pickleball in the club ballroom. An activity popular with both seniors and kids – and all ages in between – pickleball has been spreading nationwide, at schools, tennis clubs and senior centers alike. PHRC members of all ages have enjoyed playing doubles for the past several winters. (A few exceptionally hardy souls insist on taking on challengers in singles!) Rest assured that the sport provides a wonderful cardiovascular workout for those of all ages – and is excellent at rousing couch potatoes from their sofas.

Upcoming Social Activities

Paint Night

The club will hold a co-ed “Paint Nite” for adult members and their guests on Saturday, January 12th, between 7 and 10 pm. Participants – no prior painting or other art experience required – will first have a light dinner, before a master artist gives the budding Picassos step-by-step instructions on how to create a work of art. While painting, participants can socialize and sip cocktails. They can then expect at the end of the evening to go home with their own personal masterpieces to hang on their walls and to wow their friends and families.


The club’s many hearty singers eagerly await the popular upcoming karaoke night scheduled for Saturday, January 26th, organized by Tom “Westy” Westmoreland. No event on the annual calendar gets more enthusiastic participation from attendees than these karaoke parties. As usual, the evening will be under the direction of Nightstar D.J. and Karaoke Entertainment. Reservations from those planning to attend should be made to Patty Gamba by January 23rd

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday will be held this year on February 3rd at 4 pm in the club lounge.

Guest DJ Night. Joe Harbeson will host “DJ Night” in the club lounge on February 15th at 8 pm. Paul Meissner has suggested combining the occasion with board games, for those so inclined. Paul has offered to oversee the games part of the evening.

Winter “Fun” Bowling

Paul Cassidy is looking forward to starting a Winter “Fun” Bowling League again in February. “Fun bowlers”: Stay tuned.

Bowling Doubles Tournament

Jon Wallen announces a bowling innovation this winter – a bowling doubles tournament to be held on two consecutive Fridays: February 22nd and March 1st.

Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars, a Tween Event, will be held at the club on March 3rd at 3 pm under the leadership of Kate Waters, assisted by parents of the children who wish to take part.

Chili and Cheesecake Night

The club’s popular Chili and Cheesecake Night is on the schedule, with a date still to be worked out.

Adult Bowling/Pizza Night

An evening for adults combining bowling and pizza has been proposed, with the date to be announced.

Personal News

The club expresses its sincere condolences to Jim Beirne on the passing of his sister, Marie Beirne; to John Napoli, on the passing of his mother, Diane Napoli; and to Patty Cecere, on the passing of her father, George Jackson.

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